Saturday, November 3, 2007

For Later

I hope the link works. I'd like to puzzle through this at a later date (Once I've finished The God Delusion). Until then, I think this should be interesting to everyone.


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John Kamman said...

Thanks Kelly, I enjoyed that. Dawkins brings up a lot of hot issues; I can see why people find him controversial. Two points (maybe its just one) that were mentioned in this very briefly and I think deserve(d) more attention:

1. Morality as a product of evolution.
2. Religion as a product of evolution

The selective advantage to both of these, particularly morality, is obvious, I think. I’m reluctant, however, to jump on board with morality being entirely subjective.

Precursors to “morality” can be found throughout the animal kingdom in the form of altruism, but it would be na├»ve to place value or judgment on these acts outside of evolutionary context. Can the same be said for human morality, human altruism? Any thoughts?